JG Miniatures

Established in 1995 JG Miniatures is owned and operated by John Gittins, Sheffield England. JG Miniatures produces highly detailed 1/30 and 1/32 scale military and civilian diorama accessories which are fully painted and assembled.

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Aircraft Spotting Post

Product no.: M4

$55.00 *
In stock

Ruined Walls with Rubble

Product no.: M38

$45.00 *
In stock

Ridge Tent

Product no.: M2

$45.00 *
In stock

ACW Sally Port

Product no.: M22

$80.00 *
In stock

Hetzer Tank Base

Product no.: BBG05

$37.00 *
In stock

Winter Track Sections

Product no.: BBG01

$29.00 *
In stock

Winter Cobblestone Street Base

Product no.: BBA05

$27.00 *
In stock

Ruined Wall "Z" Section - Winter

Product no.: M29A

$20.00 *
In stock

Bell Tent

Product no.: M1

$25.00 *
In stock

Returning Patrol Diorama Base

Product no.: BBA06

$30.00 *
In stock

Small Natural Pond

Product no.: S36

$40.00 *
In stock

Small Sandbag Wall

Product no.: M32

$7.00 *
In stock

Winter Track Section

Product no.: JGBBG01

$39.00 *
In stock

Roman Fort Wall Section

Product no.: M43B

$30.00 *
In stock
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