Diorama Products

Diorama Products

Included in this caption are diorama products and dioramas from various companies.

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French Defences #2

Product no.: TT-02

$78.00 *
In stock

St. Louis Gateway, Quebec

Product no.: QBGATE

$136.00 *
In stock

Tents A & B

Product no.: TentsAB

$48.00 *

Indian Village Stockade

Product no.: Wistock-01

$46.00 *
In stock

Valley Series - Wash House with Clothesline

Product no.: 17868

$60.00 *
In stock

Turnpike Straight Fence Section

Product no.: 17225

$25.00 *
In stock

Bomb-damaged French House

Product no.: SP047

$229.00 *
In stock

Aircraft Spotting Post

Product no.: M4

$55.00 *
In stock

2 Story Asian Building Facade

Product no.: N04

$133.00 *
In stock

Asian Ground Floor Building Facade

Product no.: N05

$66.00 *
In stock

1st Floor Asian Building Facade

Product no.: N08

$66.00 *
In stock

American Log Fort Stockade Wall- Firing Platform

Product no.: M44A

$45.00 *
In stock

Roman Fort Gatehouse

Product no.: M43

$148.00 *
In stock

Ruined Walls with Rubble

Product no.: M38

$45.00 *
In stock

Ridge Tent

Product no.: M2

$42.00 *
In stock

Fallen Palm Tree Prone

Product no.: M47e

$36.00 *
In stock

ACW Sally Port

Product no.: M22

$80.00 *
In stock

River Section Curved

Product no.: S11

$38.00 *
In stock

River Section Straight

Product no.: S10

$42.00 *
In stock

Hetzer Tank Base

Product no.: BBG05

$37.00 *
In stock

Winter Track Sections

Product no.: BBG01

$29.00 *
In stock

Winter Cobblestone Street Base

Product no.: BBA05

$27.00 *
In stock

Roman Fort Barrack Facade with Columns

Product no.: M43J

$110.00 *

ACW Defense Line Position

Product no.: ACW-DLP-3

$107.50 *
In stock

Branch Artillery Position

Product no.: ACW-BA-1

$87.50 *
In stock
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B & T

B & T was a maker of 1/32nd - 1/30 scale diorama pieces. Most were made from wood and other products. The company is not currently active.

CTS Products

Included in this caption are diorama products from CTS.

JG Miniatures

Established in 1995 JG Miniatures is owned and operated by John Gittins, Sheffield England. JG Miniatures produces highly detailed 1/30 and 1/32 scale military and civilian diorama accessories which are fully painted and assembled.

Miscellaneous Diorama Items and Products

This caption includes diorama items and products not specifically categorized elsewhere.

Paragon Scenics and Miniatures

Listed under this caption are various diorama products of scenery made from hard rigid foam.

Traverse Dioramics

Listed under this caption are various diorama products of scenery made from flexible rigid foam and also scenic backdrops.