Alsand's Customized Diorama Items

Included in this caption are diorama pieces from various eras that have been either built from scratch, or ready made products customized by our company.

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Customized Diorama Wall

Product no.: AlsandDioWall

$60.00 *
In stock

Small Wall Diorama

Product no.: AlsandSmallWallDio

$50.00 *
In stock

Customized Building Ruin - Alpha

Product no.: Alpha Bldg Ruin

$44.00 *
In stock

Customized Op. X-Ray Building

Product no.: Xray

$40.00 *
In stock

Battle Damaged 2 Story Building

Product no.: ALS1

$90.00 *
In stock

Ruined Building Diorama Base

Product no.: VP2179

$38.00 *
In stock

Ruined Brick Wall

Product no.: RuinedBkWall

$38.00 *
In stock
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